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Sex Shop

Sex Shop is a play about an 18-year-old virgin’s first day working in an adult store.

I started writing it when I, myself, was an 18-year-old virgin. While I was growing up, before my mother managed a brothel, she worked at sex shops and I always thought it’d be funny if a guy who was a virgin worked there.

The show focuses not only on the main character, but also many supporting roles that are made up of customers and two staff members. Although I knew this play would be a lot of fun, I also knew it’d be a good opportunity to look into all the different kinds of people who visit sex shops. I also wrote the show knowing that I wanted one actor to play all the male customers, and one actor to play all the female customers. Idk. I just saw that as a cool idea.

I wrote the play, got some money together, along with a good cast, and directed it. The first season was at Metro Arts in Brisbane, and ran for very limited five shows only.

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Is There Pussy in Heaven?

Is there Pussy in Heaven? is a one man show focusing on depression and abuse in the lives of young people. It was written right after one of my friends who I went to high school and film school with killed himself.

The show tells the story of a day in the life of a kids helpline counsellor, as he receives calls from different kinds of people in different kids of trouble, while also telling the story of a high school student as he battles depression and various forms of abuse.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to do this show again, so I’ll just come out and ruin the ending for you: in the last scene, the kids helpline counsellor goes home, and he’s very sad, and you can tell his job weighs heavy on him, and then something happens that shows the audience the kids helpline guy is the high school boy grown up. So we see this high school kid battle all sorts of sad shit, and then we realise he grew up to become this guy that helps people just like him.

Oh and there’s also heaps of funny bits in the show as well.

It’s pretty fucking sick. Like, if you can’t tell, I think this may be the greatest thing ever written. Like, To Kill A Mockingbird is okay and everything but this shit is gold.

I wrote, produced, directed and starred in the first season in March, 2016 at Metro Arts in Brisbane.