i’m currently working on two films. one is a comedy.

below is a film i made in 2016. just wanted to make something different. i shot it over a few days. the original version screened to a sold out cinema. i told people i was showing a film and that i’d never show it ever again. i also refused to release a trailer so people had no idea what they had paid to see, but they did know that it’d be something no one would ever see again. that film went for like 60 minutes. anyway. here is the much shorter internet version. it is called Gutter Runts.


here is a film i made when i was 18. it’s a documentary on masturbation. the only reason i made this is because i wanted to make a feature film by myself. and a documentary consisting entirely of interviews was my way of doing that, but i knew if it was just 60 minutes of people answering questions it’d have to be an interesting topic, so i chose masturbation. it is called jerk.


here is a scene from a film i made when i was like 20. idk. i like making films a little bit different but not completely stupid. like this film just happened to be in a square 1:1 ratio and i think it’s sick. this film is called Monkeys Are Pink.