damn, i don’t know. i lived in woodridge in housing commission for 13 years. i was an altar boy at church (st paul’s, woodridge). my dad used to be a police officer (qld police). my mum used to manage a brothel (resort two-six, renamed club 26). i have six sisters and four brothers. i was home schooled for a little bit (2005 via bsde). got bullied a lot in high school. started my first masters degree when i was 18 (master of arts - writing, swinburne university of technology via oua). second one while i was 19 (master of creative arts - english literature, university of southern queensland). i illegally lived in an art studio for seven months (sorry metro arts). went to the gym to shower because there wasn’t one at the studio. i lived in new york where i had an exhibition (the living gallery) and performed a bunch of stand-up comedy (all over brooklyn and manhattan). i spent may of 2019 at an art residency in finland (arteles creative centre). i’m the current (and first ever) artist in residence at the caloundra transit centre and i’ve been accepted into four more residencies for 2020 - in australia, thailand, france and england. i don’t know.

later this year i’ll be presenting the largest art exhibition brisbane powerhouse has ever had, filling all of their gallery areas with over 150 new paintings. i’ll also have an open studio there for two weeks as part of their wonderland festival.