i didn’t know what to put on my homepage so here are some movie titles except i’ve replaced one of the words with “dick”.

schindler’s dick

the dark dick rises

forrest dick

four dicks and a funeral

p.s. i love dick

million dollar dick

fast and furious: tokyo dick

dick, actually

how to lose a dick in 10 days

charlie and the dick factory

charlie and the chocolate dick

snow white and the seven dicks

500 days of dick

how the dick was won

how the dick stole christmas

the lord of the dicks

harry potter and the philosopher’s dick

harry potter and the chamber of dicks

harry potter and the prisoner of dicks

harry potter and the goblet of dick

harry potter and the order of the dick

harry potter and the half-blood dick

harry potter and the deathly dicks

the jungle dick

slumdog dick

black dick down

how to train your dick

how to train your dick 2


the texas dick massacre

you’ve got dick

when harry dicked sally

127 dicks

field of dicks

the planet of the dicks

the girl with the dick tattoo

the girl with the dragon dick

dick me if you can

dead dicks society

ralph breaks the dick

rebel without a dick

dick club

good dick hunting

the breakfast dick

eternal sunshine of the spotless dick

no country for old dicks

there will be dick

the silence of the dicks

close encounters of the third dick

28 dicks later…

what a dick wants

training dick

the hills have dicks


night of the living dick

a dick is born

the lego dick

the curious dick of benjamin button

the day the dick stood still

the rocky horror dick show

nanny mcdick

the school of dick

honey, i shrunk the dicks

groundhog dick

lara croft: dick raider

lock, stock and two smoking dicks

the amazing spider-dick

the sixth dick

the dick sense

12 years a dick



dick girls

boyz n the dick

a few good dicks

an officer and a dick

dick slickers

dicking miss daisy

an inconvenient dick

super dick me

the green dick

a streetcar named dick

once were dicks

what becomes of the broken dicks?

brokeback dick

confessions of a dickaholic

the parent dick

the usual dicks

call me by your dick

hacksaw dick

the theory of dick

life of dick

dick unchained

dicks of new york

my big fat greek dick

little miss dick

i know what you dicked last summer

scooby doo: dicks unleashed

a quiet dick

the karate dick

fun with dick and dick

dick almighty

ace ventura: dick detective

blazing dicks

the minority dick

mission: dick

cheaper by the dick

dick runner

natural born dicks


crouching tiger hidden dick

mad max: fury dick

dicky poppins

to dick a mockingbird

the passion of the dick

dude, where’s my dick?